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Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Pela Pumps

PELA Pumps are the perfect solution for quick, easy and clean oil extraction. Ideal for confined or inaccessible areas, PELA Pumps are simple to operate, and can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

By simply pumping the unit, a powerful vacuum is created inside the container. Then watch the old oil get sucked out of the engine via the dipstick pipe or the filling point.

PELA's quick, easy and clean fluid change process eliminates the need to remove drain plugs or tilt equipment.

Available in five different sizes. The Pela 2000 (2 litres), Pela 400 (4 litres), Pela 6000 (6 litres), Pela 650 (6.5 litres) and the Pela 14000 (14 litres). Choose the size to meet your needs.

What Diesel Car, April 2007 - "In order to carry out the oil changes, I purchased a device called a Pela oil extractor. This fantastic piece of kit, originally designed for the marine industry, sucks the old oil out via the dipstick holder and dispenses it into a sealed container. This negates the need to jack up the car, crawl under it, and undo the sump plug, creating a mess in the process.

Now, before you start on about getting all the sludge out, and say you can only get rid of it all, including the sludge, by doing it the sump plug way, the Pela manages to extract all the oil. I've measured it at 4.5 litres!

If the oil change is done when the oil is still warm, the sooty particles will still be suspended in the oil and removed. It is also great for removing all the old oil contained within the oil filter housing, something which probably isn't done during normal dealer servicing. I believe that this dipstick extraction method is employed by BMW when performing oil changes."

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