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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Mobility Aids by Merit Ltd.

One Touch Tin Opener

This unique gadget automatically opens cans with one touch allowing them to be opened hands free.

The Consumers Guide to Hearing Aids

A NEW PUBLICATION which offers the most comprehensive selection of over 28 major brands and is able to select the specific make and model which is best suited for a persons hearing loss.

Disabled Badge Wallet (Brown)

Are your Concession Disc and Badge dog-eared and never to hand when you need them? The Disabled Badge Wallet is a purpose-made solution. Two transparent pockets display and organise your Badge and Disc whilst cleverly giving easy access for setting the time.

Three-Wheeled Rollator -Aluminium

This Aluminium Three-Wheeled Rollator is extremely durable and excellent value for money. It features easy to operate brakes, which provide secure stopping. The handles are height adjustable.





Three-Wheeled Rollator - Steel

Three-Wheeled Rollator with lockable brakes and large easy to steer wheels. Handy carry bag included. Available in Red and Blue.

Folding Walking Stick

This fully folding walking stick is lightweight, easy to carry, ideal for travelling and perfect for everyday or occasional use. It is made from durable aluminium with a stylish handle and non-slip rubber ferrule.

The Consumers Guide to Adjustable Beds and Chairs

Adjustable beds and chairs can transform your life by affording you invigorating rest and support. With so much choice on the market, the Consumers Guide to Adjustable Beds and Chairs helps you decide which one is right for you.

Hearing Aid Rights

Your New Hearing Aid Rights Explained
Many people don't appreciate that finding the right hearing aid for you can be just as big a decision as buying a car. There's so much choice to take on board. Who can you turn to for help? How can you be sure of getting the right advice? This booklet explains your rights.


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Mobility Aids Accessories

Cane Holder

for your Walking Stick

Want to put your walking stick down but still keep it to hand? Simple, the cane holder lets your walking stick rest conveniently on the edge of any counter, table or work surface.   click here for more information

Cane Strap

for your Walking Stick

Do you drop your walking stick? The solution is simple, our cane strap prevents you from dropping or leaving your walking stick. It eliminates the need to pick up your walking stick - it's always on your wrist.   click here for more information

Non-Slip Rubber Ferrule

Replacement non-slip rubber ferrule for your walking stick.   click here for more information

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