"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine
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Drug free pain relief. Novasonic soundwave medical massage device relieves pain form a wide range of conditions and injuries. Migra-Cap developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers.   click here for more information

Enjoy proper conversations, listening to the radio or your favourite film on TV again with one of our Listening Aids.   click here for more information

The Aquatec Orca battery powered bathlift is slim line by design and offers that extra space in the bath to comfortably relax and ease those daily aches and pains away.   click here for more information

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Sennheiser TV Listener Loop System
  Aquatec Orca Bathlift





Effective Migraine Relief - Drug Free

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Taking the Needle
Out of Acupuncture

  2 Migra-Cap (Black)

  One Touch Tin Opener
  Deluxe Folding Walking Frame
  The Consumers Guide to Hearing Aids
  Disabled Badge Wallet (Brown)
  Three-Wheeled Rollator -Aluminium
  Three-Wheeled Rollator - Steel
  4 in 1 Pill Crusher with Splitter

Motability Scheme
Disabled Badge Wallet
Sholley Trolley
Folding Walking Stick
Exercise Bands
The Consumers Guide to Adjustable Beds and Chairs
Hearing Aid Rights

Fast4ward Ride 36
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Fast4ward Peak
Fast4ward Edge
FreeGo Eagle
FreeGo Folding

Original Acupoint Pen.
Zig Zag lane books for all
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