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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Nickel Rimmed Hand-Held Magnifier 2 Inch

50mm (2.6x)
An all-purpose hand held magnifier features a glass lens, a nickel-coated rim and stylish handle of high-quality black plastic.

They are very comfortable to hold and excellent value.

Ideal for studying small print, maps, stamps, telephone directories etc. at home, school, work.

The smallest size has a lens diameter of 2 inches (50mm) with a 2.6 magnification (the image is more than two and a half times larger).

The largest size has a lens diameter of nearly 5 inches (125mm) with a 1.75 magnification (the image is nearly twice the size).

These magnifiers are excellent for people with visual disabilities.

Magnification: 2.6x
Lens Diameter: 2" (50mm)
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