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Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Bottle Top Watering Spike

Going on holiday? Leave it to the 'FILL IT AND LEAVE IT' Aqua Balance Bottle-Top Watering Spikes with adjustable drippers. The warmer the weather - the faster it drips! The cooler the weather - the slower it drips! Use indoors, outdoors, or in the greenhouse. Fits most plastic bottles - 250ml - 2 Lts, or use with any Aqua Balance semi-rigid flask.

The Bottle-Top Watering Spike with adjustable dripper becomes a fully automatic watering system when fitted onto a discarded plastic drinks bottle. The unique adjustable dripper screws onto the top of most disposable plastic drinks bottles from 250ml - 2litres.

The spike is placed vertically into the compost of hanging baskets, tubs, pots, growbags or any other container that would benefit from a 'Fill it and Leave it' automatic watering system.

The drip rate is easily adjusted to suit the location and size of your plant. But the really clever thing about this affordable device is that it is weather or temperature controlled - the warmer it gets the faster it drips - the cooler it gets the slower it drips. When the adjusted dripper is assembled onto a correctly filled bottle it is inverted and placed into the spike - then the weather or room conditions take over.

In partial shade outdoors a litre bottle will only need refilling every 1? - 3 weeks.

Suitable for smaller pot plants, growbags, hanging baskets and shallow rooted plants.

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