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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine


Mini tensIt is the breakthrough that thousands of pain sufferers have been waiting for. New MiniTeNS is one of the world?s smallest yet most effective pain relief devices ? ever invented. It?s true.

You will be amazed and delighted as this soothing, rhythmic, medically proven, TeNS treatment gently goes to work and drives your aches and pains away ? almost immediately.

MiniTeNS can be attached just about anywhere under your clothing to strike right at the heart of your pain. It?s so light, tiny and discreet that no one else will know you are wearing it.

TeNS is medically proven to stimulate the body's own natural healing process to reduce pain - fast. A 20 minute treatment provides up to 24 hours drug free pain relief.

Buy direct and try TeNS now for less than half price. With the protection of our 14 day money back guarantee you have nothing to loose but your pain!


TeNS is safe and easy to use in the comfort of your own home and recommended by Doctors and Hospitals to treat (without side effects) most physical, joint and musculo skeletal pain including:-

Suitable for treating all sorts of mild pain
Aching joints & Rheumatic pain
Neck & Back pain
Period & Cramp pain
Frozen shoulder
Muscle stress and Sports Injuries

Supplied with
1 x MiniTeNS, 1 x Electrode Pad, 1 x Battery and 1 x Plastic Case

MiniTeNS Electrodes

small round electrodes
Pack of 2 Self Adhesive Snapsoft Pads
For use with the HomeClinic TeNS (HT329L5) click here for more information

CR2025 Batteries

Pack of 10
For use with MiniTeNS machines. Please Note: Battery brands may differ to those pictured. click here for more information
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