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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

ITE Eavesdropper

The Listening Aid that thinks it's a Hearing Aid!
This is the Listening Aid that no Hearing Aid manufacturer wants you to know about!
Because although it can help bring clearer hearing, just like a Hearing aid does - IT COSTS JUST A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!

Its called the 'Eavesdropper All in the Ear' Aid and amazingly it will fit right inside ANY ear (so its almost invisible) - thanks to an ingeniously designed universal fitting joint. This means you don't have to be specially measured or have a hearing test to wear one!

And as a result you don't have to pay those expensive private health costs! Quite simply, this is the breakthrough that millions of people have been waiting for! The 'Eavesdropper' is so tiny yet so advanced that it is without doubt the world's most revolutionary listening device ever invented. Just wait until you hear how sharp and clear everything sounds! There's no electronic circuit noise. Voices, music, bird songs are reproduced faithfully.

The Eavesdropper is not a clunky sound booster, but a super sensitive 'tuner' that helps highlight those soft spoken, even whispered phrases that are so hard to pick out of the background. It's so powerful - you'll hear low level film and TV dialogue without enhancing the volume to the discomfort of others!

So don't delay! If you never want to miss another word of TV, radio, telephone and family conversations AND save yourself a fortune order your Eavesdropper today!

Supplied with
1xEavesdropper, 3xEar Tips (small, medium and large), 1xPack of 6 Batteries, 1xTool

The Consumers Guide to Hearing Aids

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FREE hearing aid information

free hearing aid information booklets
Merit are pleased to offer free information booklets that can help take the confusion out of sourcing and selecting a hearing aid. click here for more information

Ear tips

for your ITE Eavesdropper
3 replacement tips for your Eavesdropper. Available in three sizes. click here for more information









Battery Tester

keyring battery tester
For Testing Listening Aid and Hearing Aid Cell Batteries
A convenient keyring battery tester specially designed for all sizes of Listening Aid and Hearing Aid batteries.
Get rid of the guesswork and never be without fresh batteries! click here for more information

Hearing Aid Maintenance

This 3 in 1 maintenance tool
Three-In-One Maintenance Tool
This 3 in 1 maintenance tool will keep all our Listening Aids in perfect condition. click here for more information
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