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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Adjustable Dripper Kit

For Baskets, Tubs and Pots
15 Adjustable Drippers, Tap Connector, 25mtrs 12mm Main Tube, 4 12mm Elbows, 1 12mm Joiner, 1 12mm Tee, 2 12mm End Plugs, 12mm Nailclips, Tool, 15 Hosebarbs, 20mtrs 5mm PVC Tube, 5 Goof Plugs if you make a mistake and Instructions.

Each Dripper may be turned off, adjusted to a drip, a dribble or a small spray. The amount of water delivered to each plant is set depending upon its needs or size of planter.

Easy to fit. A 12mm main tube is run from the tap. The 5mm PVC tube is fed via hose barbs to the drippers. A garden tap will usually supply 30-40 drippers.
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