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"The importance of TeNS as an analgesic technique .. has been confirmed."
Johnson M I et al (1992) Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

Novasonic Intrasound by Novafon Ltd

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Two sound heads are included, one for application to the back, large joints and muscle areas, the other for treatment of small joints, such as fingers and toes, and treating facial pains such as sinusitis and migraine.

It is not necessary to be apply to the bare skin. It can also be extremely effective when used through light clothing.

The Novasonic Intrasound by Novafon Ltd comes with a 2 year Guarantee.

Novasonic Therapy is a lightweight, precision engineered scientific instrument in use by physiotherapists and medical professionals to relieve pain from a wide range of ailments, conditions and injuries. Novasonic is ideal for soothing the aches associated with age, and the pains of sporting injuries.

Novasonic produces sound waves, in the Intrasonic Wave range, specifically designed to penetrate up to 60mm (2¼ inches) into your body, increasing the blood supply to the area being treated, stimulating body tissue and so causing your natural healing processes to begin.

Novasonic Therapy does not always give "instant" results, although, even after only a few minutes of use, Novasonic can give hours of pain relief . With many ailments Novasonic should be used regularly over a period of time for the best results.

Which ailments can Novasonic help?
Novasonic Intrasound by Novafon Ltd can be used to treat yourself, in the comfort of your own home, to help relieve ailments and injuries including:

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Migraine, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Frozen Shoulder, Backache, Sciatica, Lumbago, Contusion, Sports Injuries, Joint Injuries, Muscular Cramp, Sprains, Slipped Disc, Foot Pain, Tennis Elbow, Painful Jaw Joint, Neuralgia, Fibrositis, Poor Circulation, Stroke Rehabilitation

Novasonic Therapy has also been used with great success on horses and dogs.
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